“I am captivated by the energized line naturally found in the strength and determination of the vine tendril. In my work I use the vine tendril as my drawing tool, as my mark, as three dimensional line. My process centers around the selection of individual tendrils, each having a ‘complex’ simplicity… which once interwoven create a fluid shape, a composition. I seek to create movement, fluidity, and variations in density stemming from the thickness of each tendril and its placement within the whole.

I reinvent the appearance of the tendril’s thin bark with burnishing techniques such as steel wool rubbing, and with coatings of clear shellac, creating a mark that appears to be fabricated – ‘freezing’ the tendril’s line in its organic shape before the natural process of decay would return to part of the forest floor. In so doing it becomes disassociated from its natural intent and yet remains true in its organic statement.”

Russell Serrianne | The Shirt Factory, Suite #303, 71 Lawrence Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801