I am captivated by the energized line naturally found in the strength and determination of the vine tendril. I use the vine tendril as my drawing tool, as my mark, as three dimensional line. My process centers around the selection of individual tendrils, each having a complex simplicity… which once interwoven create a fluid shape, a composition.

I seek to create movement, fluidity, and variations in density stemming from the thickness of each tendril and its placement within the whole. I alter the appearance of the tendril’s thin bark with burnishing techniques and coatings of clear shellac – ‘freezing’ the tendril’s line before the organic process of decay would return it to part of the forest floor. In making these works I am interested in creating a visual interplay with what is natural and when applied out of context creates pause for re-examination.

Russell Serrianne | The Shirt Factory, Suite #303, 71 Lawrence Street, Glens Falls, NY 12801